Feeling stuck on who to coach

and what to coach them on?

I get it.

You want to coach from a place of authenticity, experience, and passion.

But you don't know how to define that and share it so you find the right clients who you LOVE working with.

I got you.

Getting high-value ideas and feedback on your niche =


Knowing what you have to offer =

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How do I do it?

Upon purchasing this Breakthrough, you'll get a link to a diagnostic form where you'll answer questions and share the results you're looking for. I will email you a video in which I share feedback, ideas, possibilities, and guidance. From there you'll decide which direction you want to go!

What do I get?

Within 3 business days from your submission, you will receive a 30 minute video with feedback, resources, ideas, and personalized direction for choosing your niche and beginning to share with your ideal clients that you're a coach who can help them. Then you'll get clients, results, and income!

What if I've already started with a niche?

Ask yourself:

Is this niche working for me and my biz? If it is, then maybe you need a different Breakthrough. Check out the Signature Offer and Client Journey Breakthroughs that I offer. Or maybe you're here on this page because you have doubts about it and just want someone to give you confirmation, encouragement, and direction.

Do I struggle with my chosen niche? If you already have a niche, then let me know on your form and I'll take that into account. Maybe there are just some tweaks you can make, or perhaps you need to shift all together. I'll give you some great ideas if you share what's really in your heart.

What do I need?

No need to schedule or show up for anything! You simply need to answer the questions on the diagnostic form. If you don't know something, I encourage you to keep digging a little deeper because the more info you give me = the better I can serve you.

What if I'm a new coach?

That's not a problem! Share what you know, feel, believe, and have at this point and we will grow from there! It's normal to be unsure at this point, but you still deserve a breakthrough to launch your coaching biz!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

While there's no money-back guarantee or refund, I can guarantee that you will get results that serve you well if you show up and try. 

This Breakthrough is not a promise of results from my ideas, is not about me doing the work for you, and is not a fix-all cure if you choose to stay stuck in fear, you're unwilling to take action, or you simply believe that results aren't possible. (If this is the case, I recommend you book some personal life coaching so you can work through your mindset! :)